How to Enable Wlan (WIFI) After Airmon-ng Kali Linux

How to Enable Wlan (WIFI) After User Aircmon-ng

After use airmon-ng in kali linux, your wifi adapter is disable automatically, because wifi adapter in monitoring mode. You can enable wlan (WIFI) for use internet again. And with this article, i will show how to enable wlan after use airmon-ng kali linux. Now you try several ways, and lets start.

How to Enable Wlan After Airmon-ng

1. Open the Terminal
2. Type this command

airmon-ng stop wlan0

How to Enable Wlan (WIFI)

After you start wlan0 with airmon-ng you must stop airmon-ng on monitoring mode, you can try with this command. If this command doesn’t work, you can try the next way.

3. You can try this command

airmon-ng stop wlan0mon

How to Enable Wlan (WIFI) - Stop Wlan Monitoring
Video Tutorial

You can check the wifi adapter again, if wifi adapter visible, you can connect to wifi around. And this ways to enable wlan (WIFI) after use airmon-ng, if you want ask somethings you can write command bellow, and i say thank you for visit this blog.

And sorry if you can hard to understand read for this article, because iam from Indonesia, i just can write english little bit, iam so sorry.

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